In Memory

Linda Bax
Raymond Bax
Craig Bennet
Ralph Berg
Ed Berry
David Brownlee
Dean Buck
James Clements
Richard Collins
Albert Cook
Richard Crankshaw
Pete Coty
James Floyd
Donna Gaines
Charles Gawenis
Martha Gill
Maedell Goodson
Karen Hastings
Lawrence Hubert
Carol Klinges
Roger Koch
Alexander Ladd
George Lee
Barbara Lindsey
Edna Lynch
Douglas McCaskill
William Macina
Shirley Maddox
Patricia Martim
Quincey Miller
William Morrill
James O'Donnell
Jerry Page
Sreve Peterson
Dennis Reynolds
Bill Rodges
Albert Rogero
James Ronk
Logan Sallada
Susan Scharlott
Shirley Sarge
Gary Shimer
Betty Snider
Marta Snyman
Frank Starr
Mark Storrs
Grable Stoutamire
James Valone
Gary Vitito
William Wagner
Shirley Waed
Michael Ware
Patricia Weber
Samuel West
Clarance Williams
Carolyn Witte
Diane Wolfe
La Mae Wragg
Carmen Wynn

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